Taking Your Business To The Next Level


Electronic Invoicing

For customers who use their back-office systems for inventory control, we offer electronic invoicing (EDI).  In addition to receiving printed invoices, our EDI customers can download pricing and inventory directly into their systems. We also can accept payment via electronic funds transfer, if that is a choice you would consider. The result is hours saved each and every week.

Below is a list of software providers  we are compatible with. We  always do everything  we can to become compatible with a new provider.

3 Rivers AGK Soft Aloha Data Systems
Amcom Apex Aztech
C Stars of Vermont CCSN CMI Solutions
CSS POS Data Max DM2
Ecliptic ECRS Solutions Epicor
Fastrax Fintech Fis-Cal Software
Insight PDI Petrosoft
Red River Scan Group Scanning Solutions
Series 2k Sinclair SSCS
Store Check Storeworks

Ordering Devices

CipherLab RS30

Customers can request a CipherLab RS30 order device for store use – this store-level device can do everything that the sales team device can, with the exception of writing credit requests and label printing. To learn more about this tool, please talk to your sales consultant.
View entire order guide
Remote controlled support
Scan UPCs and item numbers
View sent order history
Display individual item order history
Order retail shelf labels at the push of a button
Write credit requests


Monitor Your Business

Monitor business activity, create movement reports, place new orders and more with WEBCON. This handy tool is another value-added benefit provided to the customers of Doyles Sheehan.

Access product information
Access item pricing
View purchase history
View promotions
Access A/R information
Run retail velocity and analysis


Improving Service

Each salesperson has a Microsoft Surface Go, a tool that increases his or her production while improving timely service to retail clients. The sales team uses the Infobate software to keep each participating account updated on how it is performing within the WAM program. The app helps keep our customers in compliance; it also provides ideas that help stores achieve more rebate dollars.

Retail Price Changes

Weekly Bulletin

At Doyles Sheehan we know it is crucial for you, our customer, to be notified in a timely manner when price changes happen. Retailers today cannot afford to lose margins and profits because they don’t know about price changes. With this in mind, Doyles Sheehan provides a Weekly Price Change Notice to all our participating retail customers. This weekly bulletin details any price increases or declines by item, including item description and item order number; it also specifies the retailer’s new cost for that item and the effective date of the change. For outlets on Doyles Sheehan’s retail label program, when the wholesale price change triggers a new retail price a new shelf label displaying that new retail price is automatically included with the Weekly Price Change Notice.

Additional information about each new item includes the item’s order number and cost. No shelf labels will be generated for new items unless a request is made by the retailer or its sales representative. Once you’ve ordered the item, it becomes part of your store’s purchase history and any price change after that will automatically generate a new retail shelf label.

For more information, please contact your salesperson or inquire here.

Vendor Reporting

Be in the Know

Velocity and movement reports are available to our retail partners through two methods.

As a retailer you can request, through our customer service department, reports detailing individual vendor product movement in your store or your chain of stores. You may also have that information sorted by category or individual product SKU. Time parameters can be standard or customized to suit your needs.

The other, more efficient, method of accessing this valuable information is through a portal (WEBCON) located here on the Doyles Sheehan website. Webcon provides our retail partners with a menu-driven reporting system that produces up-to-date product movement information seven days a week, 24 hours a day. At your convenience, you can access specific product and category movement information to help you make those fact-based decisions that are so critical to your business. In order to access the Webcon, an account must be created by our customer service department or your salesperson.

At Doyles Sheehan, we make every effort to be the best business partner you will ever have.

For more information, please contact your salesperson or inquire here.