Gain an Advantage Over the Competition

Our primary goals are to expand the customer base and maximize growth potential. For a business to prosper in today’s competitive environment, a strategic relationship must be developed throughout the primary supply chain. A solid partnership is essential to the success of any organization.

As a retail partner of Doyles Sheehan, the first step in developing a successful partnership is to analyze the demographics and assess the competition. Utilizing state of the art information systems provides a steady stream of data; by which a highly-targeted product mix can be recommended based on those figures. Then, a fully-customized store layout can be designed to optimize customer traffic patterns which ultimately lead to increased sales and thereby maximum profitability.

Doyles Sheehan offers a comprehensive product offering, to include: convenience grocery, food service, automotive, HABA and general merchandise. Seasonal products are available to drive incremental sales and maintain a fresh product mix. The sales team will help to build a calendar of promotions to outfit any store for the entire year.
Long-term partnerships, with leading technology companies across the industry, have given rise to a potent blend of programs that specialize in efficiencies and adding value all through the supply chain. From ordering in-bound freight, to product displayed on the shelves, we pass along savings and impart knowledge every step of the way.

The team of IT pros at Doyles Sheehan is dedicated to helping customers handle their back-office and software needs in a timely and efficient manner. By staying abreast of industry trends and the hottest concepts helps customers stay current and save money.