Store Development

With Doyles Sheehan, you don’t have to ask for help in building your business. It’s what we do. Our focus is on growing our customers’ businesses – your business – because “When you grow, we grow!”

For you to prosper in today’s competitive business environment, you must have strong strategic relationships with your primary suppliers. We call that a partnership.

When you’re our retail partner you have all the resources of Doyles Sheehan working for you. As a matter of standard practice, we start by analyzing your business. We look at the demographics of your customer base, where your store is located and your competition. Through our state-of-the-art information system, we can determine the best product mix for your store. Using our in-house software, we can also design your store’s layout and create customer traffic patterns aimed to maximize your sales and profits.

Then, of course, comes the most important part of the project – implementation. Our professional merchandising department will build out those plans and have your store set up, on time, ready to sell product.

We don’t just ship products to your store, although we do that very well. We provide you with information that allows you to make the best fact-based decisions possible for your business. Then we supply our expertise and resources to implement your plan.

We can also help you access and increase your potential manufacturers’ marketing funds through WAM. This program allows you to qualify for marketing funds that otherwise are limited to chains of 10 or more stores.

Doyles Sheehan is not like “the other guys.” You can change your future, and we can help.

We do all of this for and with you, even though no other distributor does. We do this because when you form a partnership with Doyles Sheehan, we take our responsibility seriously. Our commitment to each of our store customers is to help you grow your business and increase your profits. We commit to work side by side with you, the retailer, for our joint success.

The old phrase “When you grow, we grow” is more than just words at Doyles Sheehan … IT´S OUR BUSINESS!

Store Layout Example



Retail Shelf Labels

*Labels are presented for example only and do not represent current pricing or product.

Doyles Sheehan offers our customers a retail label program as part of our retail service and support to those customers who wish to take advantage of this helpful service.  Our attractive shelf labels contain the following information:

  • Brief Item Description
  • Package size and count
  • Our item number identifier and barcode for scanning and reordering
  • The box UPC code or individual UPC code; customers may choose to display the “Unit of Measure “1 (by the individual package) or the “Unit of Measure 2” (by the case or carton)
  • Customers can also choose to display their retail price (custom), the manufacturer suggested retail price, or no retail price at all.

When a customer is enrolled in Doyles Sheehan’s retail label program, new shelf labels are generated automatically when price affecting the retail price of items occur.  In addition, if there is a UPC change or if an item description changes, new shelf labels will be generated for the customer.  These labels accompany the weekly price change notification that enrolled customers receive.  This is a “no charge” service provided to you as a customer of Doyles Sheehan.

If interested, please contact us.