Doyles Sheehan history

History / Company Overview

Doyles Sheehan is a family-owned and -operated company that works out of two warehouses – Doyles Wholesale in Hayden Lake, Idaho, and Sheehan Majestic in Missoula, Montana.

Today’s company started in 1978 when Stan Feist purchased Sheehan Majestic in Missoula. Maximizing his background in grocery and meat markets – and extensive experience as a Northwest broker for candy giant M&M/Mars, Feist used Sheehan Majestic to create a successful business model. From there he bought Doyles Wholesale, in Idaho, in 1984.

Thirty-nine years later, Doyles Sheehan still adheres to the values that grew the company: superior service and an excellent product mix, and always with a vested interest in our customers’ growth.

Look at the offerings that Doyles Sheehan provides our customers and you will see that not only do those core values survive today — they are expanding, right along with the growth of our fast foods and beverage programs, WAM and C.L.P., as well as the extensive retail services we provide our retail partners. Please browse through this website to learn more about us, the most innovative and dynamic wholesaler in the Northwest, and the tools we offer our retail partners.

Mission Statement

To be the standard by which wholesale distributors are judged through delivery of more profits to our customers by employing industry-leading product management, world-class personalized service, innovative retail programs and cutting-edge information technology. Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations is our priority.